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Filipino cuisine

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Our Food
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About Lorenzo's Kusina

Lorenzo's Kusina is a Filipino takeaway run by Chef Lorenzo Maderas and his two brothers. The inspiration behind the food comes from the memories of growing up in Tarlac, capturing an array of flavours from street food to family meals. At Lorenzo's Kusina they deliver restaurant-quality food from their kitchen to your workplace or to your home.

Graduated in Culinary Arts at Westminster Kingsway, Chef Lorenzo has expanded his knowledge and opened many restaurants in London such as family-owned Filipino restaurant Romulo Cafe in the heart of Kensington and world-renowned SUSHISAMBA. 

Chef Lorenzo's vision is for everyone to recognise Filipino flavours through his contemporary dishes. Drawing inspiration from Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Malay cuisines.


Lorenzo's Kusina will bring you a fusion of flavours and textures. Sweet, sour, and salty combined to create meals that will excite almost any palate.

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 Unit 35, Cumberland Business Park, London, NW10 7RT

Opening Times


Tueday - Thursday : 12pm - 2:30pm


Tueday - Sunday : 5pm - 9:30pm

Contact Us

Mobile: +447495041505


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Lorenzo's Kusina

Photography by Jason Garcia

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